$100K Challenge Grant Now Through June 15th!

Dear Friends of Cal Shakes, Shakespeare lovers, thespians, naturalists —

Cal Shakes is back on the Bruns main stage with a glorious production of As You Like It opening on September 14, 2024. We need your help to make this production all it can be! 

Ellen and Joffa Dale, longtime Cal Shakes friends and supporters, have issued a challenge—agreeing to give one dollar for every dollar raised between now and June 15th up to $100,000—to assure this production is more than fantastic! Help us make As You Like It fly—over the rolling hills and into the hearts and minds of everyone who needs hope, joy, and celebration.

Your gifts matter!

  • $100 Provides actors and directors with sustenance during difficult and tiring rehearsals — there are 26 of these!
  • $250 An actor visits a public school classroom for a one hour workshop.
  • $500 Helps maintain and repair lighting and sound equipment.
  • $1,000 Brings an at-promise classroom to As You Like It SMAT.
  • $1,500 Supports an actor for a week.
  • $2,000 Covers the cost of painting our set and stage.
  • $2,500 Embeds a Cal Shakes teaching artist in a classroom residency.
  • $3,000 Keeps our actors’ costumes clean.
  • $4,000 Fashions our actors with Props. 
  • $5,000 Helps Compose Music for As You Like It.
  • $8,000 Covers the cost of our Space Rental for rehearsals at Berkeley Rep.
  • $9,000 Provides materials for our As You Like It Set.
  • $10,000 Provides materials for our As You Like It Costumes.

“Can one desire too much of a good thing?” Rosalind — As You Like It, Act IV, Scene 1.

Without your gifts, the show could go on, but won’t offer the thrill and excitement that a professionally resourced show will provide. Thanks for your continuous and generous support!

There are many ways to contribute to Cal Shakes and the Bruns, and help create a place for the performing arts in the Bay Area that is like no other. Please check out the options below! And, THANK YOU.

Make a Donation!

Join thousands of donors in supporting our mission with gifts large and small.

Join the Producers' Circle

Major donors, at $12,000 and above, allow us to present work of the highest caliber today and plan for our shared tomorrow. Contact our team at donations@calshakes.org.

Join the Legacy Circle

Pass your appreciation of theater on to future generations by including Cal Shakes in your wills or estate plan. Contact our team at donations@calshakes.org.

Gifts of Stock

We encourage you to choose securities.  Learn how to connect us with your brokerage agent.


Help make the magic happen.

DONOR ADVISED FUNDS: It is extraordinarily easy to support Cal Shakes through a Donor-Advised-Fund! If you hold funds through Fidelity Charitable, Charles Schwab Charitable, or BY Mellon, you can support Cal Shakes with one easy click!

Join our Audience Circle. Sustain Cal Shakes year-round with monthly giving and support artistic independence, financial resilience, and our artistic community. Learn more!


Join Our Audience Circle

Sustain Cal Shakes year-round with monthly giving and support artistic independence, financial resilience, and our artistic community. Learn more here or join now.

Donate Now

See if your company provides an employee match! Learn how to make a gift of stock or donate through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF). Learn More here or contact our team at donations@calshakes.org.Or click here to give: https://donate.calshakes.org/2021AnnualFund

Join Our Producer's Circle

Our All the Bay’s a Stage Tours bring Cal Shakes performances off the Bruns stage and into community spaces, to create theater that is more accessible to everyone.

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