Honor the past and ensure the future by joining our Legacy Circle.

“Being a part of Cal Shakes has been a fantastic experience for our entire family.  The stage is electric and their learning programs and camps have enthralled our kids. We added to the Board Endowment to expand long-term support for Cal Shakes and its important role in our community.

– Kate Stechschulte, Cal Shakes Board President and David Cost

Current Legacy Circle Members:

Mary Jo & Burce Byson
Phil & Chris Chernin
Debbie Cherni
Ellen & Joffa Dale
Peter Fisher
Douglas Hill
Xanthe & Jim Hopp
David Ray Johnson
Mark Jordan
Debby & Bruce Lieberman
Tina Morgado
Richard Norris
Shelly Osborne
James & Nina Roethe
Laura & Robert Sehr
Barclay & Sharon Simpson
Valerie Sopher
Kate Stechschulte and David Cost
in Memory of Margaret Cost
M.J. Stephens & Bernard Tagholm
Janis Turner
Carol Jackson Upshaw
Arthur Weil
Jay Yamada
Monique Youn

You can make an investment in the perpetuity of theater and creative communities by including Cal Shakes in your wills or estate plan. There are many innovative ways to make a planned gift to us, and while we advise you to discuss your options with a financial planner, our Executive Director, Clive Worsley, would love to talk with you to learn more about your interest and to thank you for making investment in the future. Contact

We’re so thankful for your gift!

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