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“I’m grateful to Sarah, Eric, and the incredible Cal Shakes community for their leadership—now and always. Our lives in the Bay Area are immeasurably enriched by their compassion, imagination, commitment, and artistry.”

~2020 Donor

We greatly appreciate our generous donors to Cal Shakes!

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Thank you to our 2021 Donors

Your support keeps us going strong. Click here to see a list of our generous 2020 donors.

Elizabeth H. Agnello
Alyce Aird
Harry L. Jacobs & Katherine Akos
Gertrude Allen
Ellyn Jean Axelrod
Joe Ayers
Cindy Baer
Jennifer Baie
Janet Baker
Robin Ball
Kendra Barnes
Stephanie & David Beach
Geoffrey A. & Wendy C. Beaty
Roberta Bednar
Kathleen Bell
Lucia Benson
Brenda Berlin
Reyna Bernstein
Ms. Ardith Betts
Mr. Richard W. Black
Kate Black
Julie Blade
Lucia Blakeslee
Adriane & Barry Bosworth
Jill Bowers
Kathryn Breckenridge
Barbara Brenner Buder
Linda Brewer
Marjorie Briner
Margaret A. Buckley-Brown
Donna Caplin
Bear Capron
Michael Cerveris
Wai & Glenda Chang
Ms. Susanna Chau
Harriet Chessman
Debbie Chinn
Michael & Tamara Church
Ms. M. C. Clark
Zipporah W. Collins
Mr. David Cost
Kami Cotler
Marilyn B. Couch
Derik Cowan
Jacqueline Carson & Alan Cox
Deborah Cullinan & Kevin Cunz
Ellen and Joffa Dale
Patricia Daniels
Leslie Dauphinee
Ms. Kelly Ann Davidson
Gail & Dominick De Bellis
Darlene & David DeRose
Dr. Marit Doshi
Sandra Doyle
Susan Dunn
Julie Eccles Benson & Craig Benson
Robin & Rich Edwards
Mireille Edwards
Rebecca Ennals
Brad Erickson & Brian Protheroe
Janet Evans
Sharon Ewen
Claudia Fenelon & Mark Schoenrock
Ann & Robert Fischer
Jim Florey
Virginia Fontana
Mr. Paul Fontana
Elizabeth Freedman
Mr. Mark Friedman
Suzanne Friedman
Rena & Spencer Fulweiler
Dennis & Darlene Gee
Beverly & Marty Glick
Ms. Paula Gocker
Patrick Golden & Susan Overhauser
Barbara Gordon & Peter Kane

Anita Grandpre
Mr. Robert Gronke
Ms. Lee Hackett
Joseph Haj
George Haley & Theresa Thomas
Jo Ann Harley
Lynn Harrington-Golde & Charles Golde
Penny Harris Harris
Monica Harris
Mr. Jonathan Harvey
Margaret Hegg
Monica Herbert
Lacey Hicks
Ms. Lynne S. Hollander
Professor David Holler
Xanthe & James Hopp
Esther & Mark Hudes
Juliette Jacques
Ellen Johnck
Dr. Diane Johnson
Marguerite Johnston
Roxy Jones
Kathryn & Winthrop Jordan
Laury A. Joseph
Amy Kaida
Valarie & Dan Kalb
Ms. Muriel Kaplan
Karen Karten & Arthur C. Dell
Sharon Keeton
Cecilia Kilmartin
Chad Kinsman
Mr. Stanislav Kounitski
Judith Kunitz
Mr. Robert C. Lane
Carol Larsen & Steven W. Parnes
Victoria Wells and Richard John Larson
Carol Lashof & William Newton
Doreen Leighton
Andrea Leitereg
Ms. Sandra Liu
Jennifer Marie Geiger Longman
Jay & Eileen Love
Kristen & Graham Maloney
Julia Malta-Weingard
Ruth Mankin
Michele Mansfield
Elise Marks
Mr. John Henry Martin
Michael Mathai-Jackson
Heather Mathieson
Janet Maughan
Shafer Mazow
Kym McCourt
Paul & Ellen McKaskle
Anne McKenna
Christine Mix
Kathy Morris
Barbara Morrison
Amy L. Mueller
Patricia & David Munro
Mary G. Noble
Mr. Rick Nosek
Chris Orr & Paul Cooper
William Ostrander & Janice L. Johnson
Amanda Palmer
Natalie Pereira
Karen Piemme
Suzanne & Neal Pierce
Kristina & Allan Prager
Ms. Nora Privitera
Donald Proctor
Joanne Quijano
Reetta Raag & Marc Whitlow
Karen Racanelli
Jerome Rainey
Robin Rangel

Linda Ray
Virginia Reed
Carl Reeverts
Lisa Regul & Randall Hawkins
Karen & Jeffery Richardson
Margaret Ricker
Troy River
Nancy Rodriguez-Bell
David Roe
Lawrence & Meg Mitchell Rosenfeld
Cindy Rosenthal
Claire Roth
Patricia & Glenn Rudebusch
Andrea Rush
Michele & John Ruskin
Joanne N. Ruzek
Mr. Timothy A. Ryan
Barbara Sahm & Steven Winkel
Diane Sanchez
Dana Santa Cruz
Linda & Dewey Savell
Linda Scaparotti
William Schmicker
Erin & Andrew Schultz
Jennifer Schwartz
Eleanor Scott
Debbie Sedberry & Jeff Klingman
Mary Jo & Arthur Shartsis
Nandita Shenoy
Robert Shephard
Ms. Kristen Sidell
Dennis & Nicole Sidlauskas
Shari S. Silva
Jeannie Simpson
Neil Sitzman
Susan Sklar
Karen Slater
Victoria Robinson Smith
Dr. Anne Smith
Dr. Amy Smith
Nancy Sorenson
Stephanie & Robert Sorenson
Dr. Elisa Kay Sparks
Kaitlin Spees
Dr. Angeliki Spiropoulou
John Stancik
Kate Stechschulte & David Cost Jr.
Rose Stewart
Christine & Curtis Swanson
Catherine Teare
Virginia Thomson
Mark Toney & Sharon Cornu
Charles & Heidi Triay
Ms. Kathleen Turco-Lyon
Helen O’Keeffe Vajk
William Van Dyk & Margaret Sullivan
Mr. Peter Volin
Mark Waite
Tracey & Todd Walthall
Beth Ann & Michael Ward
Judith Ward
Susan Warner Smith
Dana & Doug Welsh
Gail Wiemann
Rev. Edward Wight
Douglas & Karen Wilcoxen
Linda & Andrew Williams
Sarah Williams
Kathryn Williams
Dawn Williams
Susanne Wofford
George & Kathleen Wolf
Viviana Wolinsky
Clive Worsley
Akiyo Yokoi
Sarah Zyla

This list reflected gifts made from January 1 to March 1 of 2021. We strive to ensure the accuracy of these listings. If we have made an error or an omission, please accept our apologies and contact

We are incredibly thankful to our 2020 donors.

Cal Shakes 2019 Season Donor Benefits

As of April 16, 2019
Each level incorporates the benefits of the smaller gift levels

Those who are able to donate $150 or more are designated as members of the Champions Circle. These patrons enjoy onsite comforts, access to special events, and other perks—but every heartfelt donation shows that you believe in our creative and community work, and for this we are so grateful!

Gift: up to $149

    • Early access to, and special digital content and experiences
    • Invitation to our free Annual Donor Appreciation Event
  • Satisfaction of knowing you are taking a stand for the arts, equity, and community!

Ensemble $150-299

  • $10 off additional tickets
  • Recognition in playbills – one per season

Supporting Cast $300-599

  • Discount at Cal Shakes Cafe ($5 off a minimum $25 purchase)
  • Complimentary Hot Beverages at Cal Shakes Cafe

Stage Manager $600-1,199

  • Recognition in playbills – entire season
  • Your blanket awaits at your seat

Leading Player $1,200-2,999

  • No-host invitation to Opening Night dinner ($50 ticket fee)
  • Any donation you make at this level can be set up for a one-night matching challenge. Post-performance audience donations will be matched up to the level you contribute, and you’ll receive on-stage recognition!

Director $3,000-5,999

  • Reserved picnic table – must be booked in advance

Associate Producer $6,000-11,999

  • VIP parking
  • Recognition as Associate Producer for your chosen production, including in all print materials, on the Cal Shakes website, and in donor listings
  • Complimentary Invitations for 2 to Opening Night dinner and performance for your chosen production

Producer $12,000-24,999

  • Prominent recognition as a Producer of your chosen production, including in print materials, on the Cal Shakes website, in donor listings, and at the Opening Night curtain speech for your chosen production
  • 4 additional tickets to use at your discretion during the run of your chosen production
  • A complimentary bottle of wine at your reserved picnic table for each production

Executive Producer $25,000-49,999

  • Prominent recognition as an Executive Producer for the entire season: in curtain speeches, print materials, on the Cal Shakes website (Q&A feature), in donor listing, and with a snapshot (two-sentence profile) in the playbill
  • Complimentary Invitations for 4 to Opening Night dinner for all four shows
  • Six additional tickets to use at your discretion over the course of the season
  • Opportunity to have the Artistic Director or Dramaturg join your picnic table for a pre-performance discussion (complimentary wine provided; dates to be agreed upon)

Presenter $50,000+

  • Premier recognition as a Presenter, for the entire season: in curtain speeches, in print materials, on the Cal Shakes website (Q&A feature), in donor listing, and with a snapshot in the playbill
  • 8 additional tickets to use at your discretion over the course of the season

Top Photo: As You Like It (2017) by William Shakespeare and directed by Desdemona Chiang; photo by Kevin Berne.

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