Student Discovery Matinees

Bring your students to the Bruns! Cal Shakes holds special student matinees for select shows in the Fall and Spring—complete with activities before and after the show, as well as resources and study guides for you to prepare them for the performance.

We also offer fun and educational classroom visits by Teaching Artists to help contextualize the play and prepare students to engage more deeply, at a reasonable additional charge.


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The Best Field Trip

"I struggled for years as a teacher in Oakland before I realized that if you’re really honest with students and bring what you love right up to them and put it in their hands, they’ll love it right along with you."

black odyssey student night

“When I saw black odyssey on my own, I knew right away that I wanted my students to see the show."

A Midsummer Night's Dream

May 29 & May 31 @ 11am

FOR TEACHERS: Prepare for your students’ field trip! Download our current Macbeth Study Guide and explore teaching resources like workshops and in-school residencies before or after the show.  See other study guides too! Please note that we require 1 chaperone per 10 students. 

Download our Educator Visitor’s Guide with information about the Bruns and our Student Matinee Policies.

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