Unlearning White Supremacy Resources

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Unlearning White Supremacy Resources

On Friday, July 10, we held Unlearning White Supremacy: An Open Conversation on the Work of White People for Racial Justice  as part of our Direct Address series. Thank you to our Facilitator Kerastas and panelists JD Doyle (East Bay Meditation Center and Heart and Mind Teaching), Ti Wilhelm (Opportunity Fund), and Toran Ailisheva (White Noise Collective).

Before sharing a list of immediate direct action steps and resources, please remember to engage in this work with self-compassion, to follow local Black leadership, and to see this as long-term work. No one person can fix these deeply embedded inequities, but together the possibilities are limitless. As guest speaker Toran Ailisheva said during the conversation, we can all make “the choice to feel like some other world is possible.”

Friday’s conversation was dedicated to taking direct action to stop the COVID-19 outbreak at San Quentin State Prison and to demand the release of high-risk individuals across California’s prison system. 

Please Consider Taking the Following Direct Action Steps:

  1. Follow @VoicesofSanQuentin on Twitter and Instagram, and the California Coalition for Women Prisoners (@C_C_W_P) on Twitter and Instagram. Follow:  #StopSanQuentinOutbreak #LetThemGo #EmergencyReleaseNow #BringThemHome.
  2. Read the Emergency Release Letter to the Governor from organizations pledging support to released individuals. Organizations that have resources to offer can sign the letter here. Reach out to organizations you make decisions for, belong to, or have leverage with and encourage them to sign.
  3. Call or email those in power and demand immediate release using the template below. Check out the #StopSanQuentinOutbreak Toolkit for more information and templates you can copy and paste directly to your email or social media platforms. 


Steps to take action to sttop san quentin covid-19 outbreak

Donate To (Bay Area Specific):

On-going Learning Support:

Resources and Organizations Mentioned in Friday’s Conversation 

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