Cal Shakes Artist Network: Winter Quarterly

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Cal Shakes Artist Network: Winter Quarterly

Hello friends, 

Here we are in 2022. We hope that this time of year- with the invitation to reflect and re-ground, with the slow lengthening of sunlight, and with the on-going pandemic curveballs- is meeting you with some moments of joy and rest. We send you energy, compassion, and hope that you are getting what you need. 

In the new year, we want to continue working towards permeability and sustainability in our relationships with our artistic community. To that end, we plan to continue sending these newsletters, which will contain Cal Shakes updates and announcements, on a quarterly basis (you can unsubscribe at any time if you want to opt-out). If you want to catch up/ask questions/talk about the state of things/offer feedback in the in-between, send us an email! 

Looking back at the end of 2021…

  • Some new people joined the Cal Shakes team! Madeleine Rostami was hired as a part-time Line Producer for the Shahrazad Squad, Miranda Lopez was hired as Associate Production/Rentals Manager, and Annelise Nussbacher was hired as Development Associate.
  • We had a full day Staff Advance (aka what Cal Shakes calls a Retreat) to discuss our working practices, culture, and where we’re headed over the next five years as an organization. Some of the things people named as priorities internally echoed things that came up in Public Circle gatherings last year (eg. org chart, pay equity & transparency, an org-wide action plan in response to the Living Doc and WSYWAT demands). As work continues on these projects, we plan to use these quarterly share-outs as a tool for community accountability.
  • We streamed the archival footage of The Winter’s Tale for a week and kicked it off with a Watch Party with a bunch of the artists involved!
  • A lot of budgeting and calendaring work happened in preparation for 2022. Recognizing that budgets are moral documents demonstrating what is being prioritized and valued by this organization, we continue to work towards practicing greater transparency with the Cal Shakes budget, beginning with offering directors and designers more holistic sense of the show budgets as well as opening up the budgeting process to more staff and not just staff at the leadership level. 
  • In Artistic Learning, Clive Worsley said farewell as he heads off to new adventures, teaching artists were able to return to classrooms for residencies & workshops for the first time since the start of the pandemic, and Philippa Kelly hosted her virtual holiday lecture (which we plan to have be an annual thing moving forward).

2022 Season Announced!

Cal Shakes is going to be producing two productions at the Bruns next summer: the bilingual Romeo y Juliet adapted by Karen Zacarías and directed by KJ Sanchez, originally slated for the cancelled 2020 season; and Lear, a modern verse translation by Marcus Gardley and co-directed by Eric Ting and Dawn Monique Williams, in partnership with Oakland Theater Project and with support from Play On Shakespeare. You can check out the full press release here.

In addition to these productions, Cal Shakes will continue the Shared Light Initiative, i.e. sharing the Bruns with other organizations/events over the course of summer, as well as renting out the space.

Casting Collective & Season General Auditions

We are very, very excited to be partnering with the Casting Collective – Laura Espino, Dori Jacob, Leigh Rondon-Davis, Mariel Christian, Anina Baker, and Kieran Beccia- for the 2022 season (supported by LeeAnn). If you have questions about the 2022 casting process, you can email, or get in touch with Dori directly at

First up… 2022 Generals! Unsurprisingly, we are doing Generals virtually this year. We will be accepting taped submissions until January 21st. Full details can be found on the Cal Shakes casting page

Coming up over the next three months…

  • Continuing prep for 2022 productions and conversation about other events (to be announced) happening at the Bruns this summer. 
  • We’re continuing to hire admin and production positions, including a Marketing and Communication Manager and Facilities Manager. In the production world, we’re currently hiring for many positions for the summer (more info at 
  • Cal Shakes is also open to receiving resumes and cover letters from anyone who would be interested in overhire production or front-of-house positions that are on an as-needed basis. Additionally, we are on the lookout for local designers and stage managers to add to our lists that we might not know about. All emails can go directly to 
  • Artistic Learning is always interested in connecting with more local teaching artists. Anyone interested should contact April (

Wishing all the best for a restorative start to your year,

Eric (Artistic Director,
Haley (Production Manager,
LeeAnn (Artistic Producer,
April (Artistic Learning Programs Manager,

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