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California Shakespeare Theater
701 Heinz Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94710
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Admin Offices: 510.548.3422
Box Office: 510.548.9666
Fax: 510.295.2402
General email inquiries:


Eric Ting, Artistic Director
Susie Falk, Managing Director x110


Clea Shapiro, Casting Director/Intern Program Manager x114
Philippa Kelly, Resident Dramaturg
Dave Maier, Resident Fight Director
LeeAnn Dowd, Artistic Coordinator

Artistic Engagement

Lisa Evans, Artistic Engagement Associate x115
Tierra Allen, Artistic Engagement Coordinator x136

Artistic Learning

Clive Worsley, Director of Artistic Learning x113 
Mary Cait Hogan, Artistic Learning Programs Manager x127 
Jacinta Sutphin, Artistic Learning Coordinator x105

Teaching Artists
Amelia Adams, Andy Alabran, Michael Barr, Amy Bobeda, Ron Campbell, Nancy Carlin, Elizabeth Carter, Rebecca Castelli, Michael Cavanaugh, Naya Chang, Scott Coopwood, Tristan Cunningham, Nara Dahlbacka, Kelsey Dickman, Amani Dorn, Jacquie Duckworth, Justin DuPuis, Caitlin Evenson, Amber Flame, Stephanie Ann Foster, Britney Frazier, Gary Grossman, Daryl Harper, Susan-Jane Harrison, Brett Jones, Donald Lacy, Amy Lizardo, Dave Maier, Laura Marlin, Theresa Miller, Susan Morgan, Areyla Moss-Maquire, Carla Pantoja, Susan Pfeffer, Emily Radosevich , Vanessa Ramos, Belgica Rodriguez, Stacy Ross, Patrick Russell, Dan Saski, Lindsey Schmeltzer, Sydney Schwindt, Michael Shipley, Anna Smith, Lauren Spencer, Teddy Spencer, Elissa Beth Stebbins, Tina Taylor, Cat Thompson, Trish Tillman, Simon Trumble, Maryssa Wanlass, Valerie Weak, Tom Wells, Alison Whismore, Michael Ray Wisely, Wendy Wisely, Phil Wong, Elena Wright, Kat Zdan


Tirzah Tyler, Director of Productions x123
Jamila Cobham Production Manager ext 123 mail
Camille Rohrlich, Assistant Production Manager ext 152 mail
Naomi Arnst, Costume Director x111 mail
Jessa Dunlap, Costume Shop Rentals Manager
  (by weekday appointment only) mail
Kirsten Royston, Properties Master ext 117 mail


Tirzah Tyler, Director of Facilities x123
Brian P. Luce, Office Manager x 101
Sheree Hunter, Porscha Owens, Reva Owens, Shuttle Drivers
Joe Fahs, It Support (Linde Group)

Finance &

Noralee Rockwell, Finance Director x128
Joyce Fleming, Director of Human Resources x108
Brian P. Luce, Executive Assistant x 101
Melissa Dimon, Accounting Assistant x 131


Chapin Cole, Associate Director of Development x134 
Andrew Page, Grants Manager x126 
Jessie Backer, Donor Relations Manager x146
Shanti Peterson, Development Coordinator x129

Marketing & Communications

Den Legaspi, Art and Web Director x135
Alicia Coombes, Publications Project Manager x141

Box Office

Derik Cowan, Box Office Manager x103
Kimberlee Hicks, Lead Box Office Associate

2017 Professional Immersion Program

For information on the Cal Shakes PIP (internship) program, click or email Clea Shapiro

Artistic Fellow: Camille Hayes
Casting Intern: Sophie Nelson

Program Advertising

If you would like information regarding advertising in California Shakespeare Theater programs, please contact Mike Hathaway, Advertising Sales Director at Encore Media Group. Telephone: 800.308.2898 x105