The Bloodshed Continues for the Cast of TITUS ANDRONICUS

TITUS ANDRONICUS cast members Chad Deverman, David Mendelsohn, and Galen Murphy-Hoffman donate blood for the Red Cross.

In light of the closing of Titus Andronicus, cast members Chad Deverman, David Mendelsohn, and Galen Murphy-Hoffman—who, together, played Tamora’s brutal Goth songs—joined crew members Dallas Kane and Sam Schwemberger in donating blood to the American Red Cross. Being in a play is the perfect opportunity to get your cast to give back to the community in some way. Deverman thought that, having spent so much time onstage as Demetrius, “shedding other people’s blood, it was only fitting that I shed a little of my own offstage. So I invited the cast and crew to come give blood with me; the American Red Cross center in Oakland was the perfect place. ”

“The staff was great and made us feel totally comfortable through the whole process,” continued Deverman. “Donating is absurdly easy and makes an incredible difference. Plus, you get free Girl Scout cookies afterward. Really, what could be better? I would encourage anyone reading this to take an hour and go donate.”