Ask Philippa… and Aaron!

Philippa Kelly, Cal Shakes Resident Dramaturg and production dramaturg for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, invites your questions about the show, with the assistance of director Aaron Posner.

Picture by Jay Yamada.

“I am amazed and know not what to do…” So speaks Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Wonder, amazement, the perplexities of love…. Cal Shakes Artistic Director Jon Moscone says that “magic” in the forest is like a sped-up version of human destiny: that the magical events in the forest of Athens are a fast-forward version of what ACTUALLY happens when people fall in and out of love. We humans pride ourselves on being the most rational of all earth’s creatures, and yet the strongest compulsion we havethat of loveisn’t about reason at all. Love sends us in directions that may make no sense to anyone else (even our beloved) but we go there anyway.Enter your thoughts and questions in the “comments” section below, and Aaron and I will take turns answering.

How did it feel to experience love’s mystery in the forest with Aaron Posner and his cast?

Midsummer runs through Oct 11, 2009.