Phoenix Rysing–The Triangle Lab collaborates with RAW Talent

To continue work connecting art with communities, the Triangle Lab has partnered with RAW Talent to produce a month-long workshop series called Phoenix Rysing: A Spoken Word Workshop on Loss, Love, and Healing. Building on themes from Cal Shakes’ production of A Winter’s Tale, the workshop asked Richmond youth age 13–21 to explore how they find healing and forgiveness amid the violent loss in their lives.

See the video of their culminating performance, which is featured on the Path at the Bruns during the run of A Winter’s Tale, in its entirety below:

RAW Talent from David Szlasa on Vimeo.

Spoken word performed by workshop members of RAW Talent, Richmond, CA under the direction of Molly Raynor and Donte Clark.

Two channel video installation created by David Szlasa
Filmed by Jenny Chu and Damari Lawrence

Read more about this collaboration in the program article by Sonya Renee Taylor, Cal Shakes’ Community Participation Coordinator.


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