Auctioneering: More than Just a Breathless, Speedy-speaking Production

Quiroga in auctioneering action.

Marketing Intern Katie McGee gets to know our One Great Party auctioneer extraordinaire.

“I’d be lying if I said I really don’t enjoy being an auctioneer. I really do enjoy getting a crowd whipped up into a frenzy to support a place like Cal Shakes or whatever charity I work with. I love being an auctioneer that helps make good things happen in the world.” —Greg Quiroga, auctioneer for Cal Shakes’ gala.

Auctioneering is more than just a breathless, speedy-speaking production.  The role of an auctioneer, especially one in fundraising, is much like the role of an actor.  Each performance has strategy, a clear message, and is meant to evoke audience emotion.  Greg Quiroga has been in the business for a solid decade.  It is clear that he excels at his profession, because he takes a sincere interest in each client’s story and purpose.  Quiroga spends hours getting to know his clients and planning and strategizing his performance.

Quiroga is constantly working on perfecting his stage presence and performance technique.  For instance, he took improv classes for years to strengthen and fine-tune his ability to “keep everything positive react and live in the moment.”  His hard work and dedication has paid off immensely.

Quiroga is currently working for Reynolds & Buckley and works on average 50 or more fundraising events each year.  Over the years he has auctioned a wide array of items, ranging from extravagant world touring cruises to a day in the recording studio with  Once he even sold cuts in an event’s food line for $2,500 a pop.

Quiroga looks forward to Cal Shakes’ gala for many reasons. “Cal Shakes’ event bridges all of the gaps between visceral, social, and emotional experiences… it always manages to be one of the most visually demanding events you can see. I mean, it’s just beautiful. It’s a good crowd of supporters. The event is always very on-message and extremely emotionally rewarding.”  Quiroga has been working Cal Shakes’ gala’s live auction for the last five years and he is always awed with how the “crowd consistently comes together to support Cal Shakes’ education outreach programs.” Thanks to the efforts of Quiroga, the Cal Shakes staff and ever-supportive patrons of Cal Shakes continue to be pivotal players in the effort to bring the arts to the stage, to classrooms, and to communities.

The 2012 gala is just about sold out, but the auction catalog will be online shortly. Click for updates.

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