Presidents and Shakespeare

Last week, the New York Times ran an intriguing piece about Presidents and Shakespeare, moving from Obama–who cites Shakespeare’s Tragedies as a favorite book on his Facebook profile, but has yet to start quoting him directly–to the Bardophile Lincoln, and then giving the rundown on the Shakespearean proclivities of Reagan, Clinton, Jefferson, and others. Unsuprisingly, our nation’s leaders tend toward the histories and tragedies; but we’d wager that the man we saw singing “At Last” in his wife’s ear at the Inaugural Ball–and who participates fully in 21st-century technology–would get a kick out of the fresh, fast-moving, and modern take on Romeo and Juliet currently taking shape in the Cal Shakes rehearsal hall.*

Read the NY Times piece here.

*Oh, and have we mentioned that single tickets are on sale?


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