YPSO Students arriving near the Talking Grove of the Bruns Memorial Amphitheater - Home of Cal Shakes | Image by Craig Isaacs / BlueGoo Photography

Visions At The Bruns | Cal Shakes

A Vision for The Premier Outdoor Cultural Venue in the East Bay and Beyond, 

Anchored by Its Resident Classical Theater Company

Major Areas of Activity and Fundraising:

Programming: Production, co-production, presenting, events, gatherings, ceremonies – theater, music, comedy, dance, weddings, conferences, salons, corporate, and more, including Cal Shakes’ 50th Anniversary in 2024

Cultural Exploration and Incubation: Exploring and developing new formats, collaborations, media, and ways of gathering and building community and inclusion with local, regional, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, international, civic, and other partners through the performing arts and arts leadership

Technical: Investing in upgraded and more robust sound, lights, electrical, infrastructure that enable anyone to look and sound great

Hospitality and Patron Experience: Food, ticketing, security, customer service, accessibility, safety, inclusion, marketing communications, development

Scene Shop: Building for the Bay theater community at large, workforce development teaching transferable skills

Education: Accessible, equitable program welcoming in young audiences and performers and their families, also incorporating workforce development 

Site: Investing in, upgrading and maintaining a safe and up-to-date venue – parking, water, buildings, groves, roads, grounds, amphitheater and stage structure

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