Philippa Kelly’s 2nd Annual Holiday Lecture

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Philippa Kelly’s 2nd Annual Holiday Lecture

On December 17, 2021 Philippa Kelly delivered her 2nd Annual Holiday Lecture on Mirrors, Mirth, and Immortality in Shakespeare. In case you missed it or would like to hear it again, Philippa has re-recorded the lecture as a podcast. Listen at your leisure and enjoy! 

Mirrors, Mirth, and Immortality in Shakespeare:

If you’d like to dive deeper, sign up for Shakespeare In-Depth. Starting in January, Philippa will explore themes of family, identity, and legacy by delving into classics like Romeo and Juliet, King Lear, and Hamlet, while also touching lesser-performed works like Coriolanus and The Merchant of Venice. Sign up for an individual session or all eight!

Ask Philippa: Grove Talk

Whether you’re preparing to see The Winter’s Tale or thinking back on the performance you just saw, Resident Dramaturg Philippa Kelly has you covered. Her

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