Partnership Profile: Triumph Wine Group

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Partnership Profile: Triumph Wine Group

Triumph Wine Group is entering its second season as a Cal Shakes Business Partner and exclusive provider of wine for all Cal Shakes events, including the annual Guiding Stars celebration, opening night dinners, and numerous other events. Triumph wines are also featured at the Bruns Café and are available to all audience members before performances and during intermission.
Representing a 20-year tradition of crafting iconic wines that herald from the world-famous Napa Valley and adjacent wine growing regions, Triumph Wine Group brings to the consumer a portfolio of high quality, value driven wines. With a 16-year tenure, their winemaker brings a philosophy of delivering wines of consistency, value, and quality—much like Cal Shakes.
Triumph focuses on identifying premium vineyards that provide their wines with the source fruit necessary to create some of the best value wines on the market today through the Triumph Cellars brand. Following a proven business model, Triumph Wine Group represents a unique opportunity for individuals to participate in the ownership of a Napa Valley winery that avoids the traditional asset heavy model which requires large capital investment.
As a valued Cal Shakes Partner, Triumph also offers unique discount codes ranging from 10–30% off regular pricing to members of the Champion Program, has provided both auction and raffle prizes for this year’s Guiding Stars celebration, and has become a favorite among Cal Shakes Board members, donors, and staff. Triumph CFO Kevin Fitzgerald is a longtime fan of Cal Shakes, saying, “The plays always have fascinating characters, the spectacular venue and the organizations community outreach is amazing.”
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