Online volunteer registration and serving on a not-for-profit board


Online volunteer registration and serving on a not-for-profit board

There’s some exciting news on several Cal Shakes volunteer service fronts that we’d like to share with you.

First, participants in our general volunteering program—ushers, Inside Scoopers, administrative office helpers, et cetera—will now be able to register and schedule online. In 2009, nearly 500 volunteers recorded more than 4,000 hours, and that’s a lot of us to keep track of. So this year we’ve made it easier by using Shiftboard online scheduling software. Once you’ve registered at you’ll be able to sign up for all of your favorite Cal Shakes opportunities. There are even a few new ones this year, helping out the Artistic staff, actors, and designers. PLEASE NOTE: Everyone—including returning volunteers—must register with Shiftboard in order to receive volunteer information and to schedule a shift. For more information about Cal Shakes volunteer opportunities, contact Jamie Buschbaum at 510.548.3422 x101 or

Secondly, Cal Shakes will be participating in the Board Match event next Tuesday, January 12, 4:30–7:30pm at Moscone Center South in San Francisco. If you’ve ever considered deepening your commitment to Cal Shakes or another not-for-profit by serving on a board, then this free event is for you. The Volunteer Center’s Board Match is a job-fair style event featuring over 100 Bay Area nonprofits—large to small, focusing on everything from the environment to arts toYouth. Serving on a nonprofit board can provide fantastic opportunities for your personal and professional development. You can build new and skills, network and broaden your knowledge of the community and provide essential skills to community nonprofits. This may be the single best opportunity to talk to nonprofit leadership (including Cal Shakes Managing Director Susie Falk) from over 100 Bay Area nonprofits about board membership. Bring copies of your résumé and business cards—board members are the foundation of nonprofit organizations, and we’re looking for a few new recruits! For more information on the event, click


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