"Constant as the Northern Star..."

 Julius Caesar, Act III, Scene 1 

It is no accident that, as the sun sets on the Bruns Memorial Amphitheater, the star that rises directly above the stage is Polaris, the North Star. The visionaries who designed and built the Bruns did this deliberately, so that we would always have a navigator as we set our sights on the future.

And we continue to look to the North Star for direction, inspiration, and confirmation that our course is properly charted! The North Star Fund will provide Cal Shakes the capacity to upgrade the Bruns, launch a workforce development program for at-promise youth, and support the 50th Anniversary Season production of As You Like It, directed by Elizabeth Carter.

Your contributions are deeply appreciated and gratefully received. Sound and lights will get professional upgrades; patron experience will evolve to new heights; workforce development will launch; and Shakespeare – in the Cal Shakes way – will grace the Bruns stage amidst a gorgeous array of live arts – music, dance, performance art and theater.

Thanks for helping us meet our goal of raising $3 million by April 1, 2024!

North Star Fund Graphic created by Board Member, Elizabeth (Betsy) Streeter. The Graphic showcasing the Bruns Memorial Amphitheater in a vectorized image with a green hue encompassed by a purple hue. Featuring a Green Cow jumping over the North Star with the "North Star Fund" within the Bruns. This fund will be utilized for Cal Shakes 50th Anniversary in 2024

Contact Us!

northstar@calshakes.org | (415) 420-8403

Funding Goal: $3 Million in advance of the 2024 Season

A Startup Fund to Re-Invent a Venue and Re-Enliven New Classics Theater

Cal Shakes will perform a New Classics production at the Bruns every summer and at smaller venues throughout the year. The Bruns will evolve as a Performing Arts Center hosting Shakespeare and new classics as well as music, dance, festivals, events, off-sites, ceremonies, and more.

Funding Goal: $3 Million in advance of the 2024 Season

What $3 Million Makes Possible

Capital Investments:

  • Concert-grade sound system
  • Expanded and automated lighting
  • Patron software for ticketing, CRM, accounting
  • Café upgrade
  • Patron experience improvements

Expanded Operations:

  • Artistic Director for Cal Shakes
  • Larger scale branding and marketing
  • Business development, booking and venue management

2024 Production of As You Like It:

  • Directed by Elizabeth Carter
  • Local actors, designers, musicians
  • Artistic Learning Student Matinees
  • Conservatories and in-school residencies
  • Production quality Cal Shakes is known for

Workforce Development:

  • Training young people in Contra Costa and Alameda county in technical theater arts and artistic learning
  • 4 apprentices in 2024, expanding each year to supplement the Cal Shakes workforce and provide excellent job skills to at-promise youth

Managing an Evolving Enterprise

Our greatest community impact is achieved through a multi-faceted approach incorporating multiple business structures and roles:

The Scene Shop: Building capacity to serve the Bay Area Theater industry with multi-year workloads from other theater companies, and a workforce development program

Education: Going out into schools as well as bringing students to matinees (SMATs), plus workforce development opportunities, create opportunity for all

Our Team

Board of Directors October 2023:
Rahul Gupta, Chair/President
Bradley Glover, Vice President
Betsy Streeter, Secretary
Vivian Keys, Treasurer
Michael Cedars
Philip Chernin
Joshua Cohen
Mark Logan
Kate Stechschulte
Sam Suttle
Tracey Walthall, Immediate Past President
Janet Riley, Orinda City Council Liaison

Clive Worsley, Executive Director

North Star Advisory Council:
Ed Del Beccaro
Brad Glover
Betsy Streeter
Jay Lifson
Janet Riley
Katie Tragarz
Zack Wasserman
David Mayeri

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Your safety is our priority. The Bruns Memorial Amphitheater and Cal Shakes are following the CDC’s recommendation as they apply to Covid-19. Masks are optional while on the grounds but they are recommended while indoors. This policy is subject to change in accordance with an updated policy from the CDC or local and state health officials.

Thanks for helping keep all of us safe.

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