Lights Up!

Thank you for coming!

A wholly impractical, virtually inexplicable, utterly unbelievable, not-a-gala, Shakespeare roast pan, pandemic fundraiser

What a night! Thank you to all those who attended Lights Up! We hope you laughed (and maybe cried) as much as we did. We’re so grateful to the artists, staff, and our Board for making the event a success.  In case you missed the event or just want to watch the testimonials again, check out what Cal Shakes’ artists miss most about the theater.

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Thank you to our Volunteer Leaders!

John Collins, Ellen Dale, Maureen O’Keefe, Kate Stechschulte, and Tracey Walthall

Thank you to our 2021 Sponsors:

Spotlight Sponsors

Ellen & Joffa Dale
Tish & Steven Harwood
Nina Rastogi
Sharon Simpson
Kate Stechschulte & David Cost, Jr.
Lauren Stechschulte Boone

Limelight Sponsors

Walter Moos & Susan Miller
Jim & Nita Roethe
John & Michele Ruskin
Jeannie Simpson
Kathryn Williams

Incandescent Sponsors

Jeff Bharkhda
Joseph Di Prisco & Patti James
Rena & Spencer Fulweiler
Yie-Hsin Hung

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Josh & Janet Cohen, John Collins & David Nicolls, Barbara Sahm & Steven Winkel, Mark Toney, Jay Yamada, Francine M. Austin, Robin Azevedo, Simon Baker, Valerie Barth, Steven & Karin Chase, Phil & Chris Chernin, Jan Deming, Diane & David Goldsmith, Priscilla Rich, Nath & Bill Schmicker, Emily & David Arnold, Alex Busansky, Jen Longman, Jennifer Nixon, Sallie Olsen, Nancy Olson, Betsy Streeter & Rob McFarlane, Kathleen Streeter, Kenneth Sumner & Cathleen Sheehan, Virginia Thomson, Beverly & Loring Wyllie, Kyle Barry, Adam Bink, Bob Culley, Brett Drucker, Marilyn Duman, Elisabeth Dutton, Una Elias, Anita Embleton, Elizabeth & Eli Ewing, Andrew Ferguson, Janine Firpo, Anne Hallinan, Malcolm Jones, Leah Lane, Victoria & Richard Larson, Tom Lederer, Dr. Cherry. Li-Bugg, Shawnette Lockett, Andrew Page, Kevin Patterson, Noah Pilchen, Andrea Reyna, Jeffery Richardson, Elizabeth Rouan, Ted Russell, Jim Tibbs & Philip Anderson, Renee Watkins

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