Since launching, Artistic Learning has

served over 75,000 young people from

diverse Bay Area communities.


For Teachers

“We come here to break apart texts, and maybe our whole selves while we’re at it. Then we rebuild. Together."

Nurture a culture of learning as both teacher and student by taking advantage of our Artistic Learning programs. We offer resources like educator discounts, networking events, professional development trainings, and interactive study guides

At the Theater

“That was amazing! I never thought this story could be my story."

Inspire appreciation for theater with a student matinee field trip! Every year, thousands of kids from all over the Bay Area and beyond join us for a day at Cal Shakes, which includes

an interactive Teacher’s Guide, fun activities at the theater before the show, and a Q&A after the show with the actors.

In the Classroom

“Theater is a fun and cool way to express yourself in a productive way...the program changed my life!"

We help Shakespeare come alive! Research shows: enhancing learning with art yields powerful results in a short amount of time. Our teaching artists partner with teachers in subjects like English, history, acting, or stage combat.

Over the Summer

"So awesome... so, so much fun!”

Build character and confidence! Summer Conservatory for young actors gives kids the same rigorous training and exploration that actors use.

They’ll spend time this summer learning, playing, and rehearsing with professional actors and artists, and perform live for friends and family!

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