Introduction to Accountability Resources

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Introduction to Accountability Resources

“Accountability is a kind of simple word for a lot of really complicated ideas. But, as close as we can get, accountability is when someone who has perpetrated harm or abuse is able to fully recognize and accept what they’ve done, regardless of its intention, and to see all of the ways that it has affected the people who are surviving it—the community, themselves, etc. By doing so they are able to recognize and make changes that respect their relationships, support the survivor, and shift their own behavior.” ~Philly Stands Up

On Friday, July 31, Cal Shakes presented a webinar called Introduction to Accountability with Mia Mingus as part of our Direct Address series. During this two-hour program, Mia Mingus—a writer, educator, and community organizer for disability justice and transformative justice—offered a basic introduction to what accountability means as well as guidelines for action steps, from a transformative justice lens. As a follow-up to the event, we have shared resources mentioned during the lecture and compiled by Cal Shakes’ staff.

If you’d like to continue following Mia’s work please check out her Instagram and website. As requested by multiple participants, here are Mia’s PayPal and Venmo (@miamingus) accounts, if you’d like to support her work financially. 

If you missed the webinar or would like to dive deeper into the work, Mia will be offering two recorded sessions via Just Practice as part of a larger series called Steps to End Prisons & Policing: A Mixtape on Transformative Justice.” The entire series will be available for $100 later in August.


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