Mystery Shakespeare Theater 1592

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This event is running from 19 June 2020 until 28 August 2020. It is next occurring on July 17, 2020 7:00 pm

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The watch party inspired by Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns Friday with a surprise screening of a Shakespearean movie and live commentary from a panel of esteemed artists and Shakespearean experts.

Our intrepid group of panelists (actors Safiya Fredericks & Phil Wong, founder of the Theatre Nerd Shakespeare Pandemic Watch Party Alex Moggridge, and dramaturg Philippa Kelly) are back this Friday night to watch a classic Shakespeare film and provide hot takes… and a dollop of expert insight. Best of all, no one knows what they’re showing up to watch (hence: mystery).

MYSTERY? That’s right—the panelists will only find out what they’re watching on Friday night at the same time you do. If you’re less into that kind of suspense, email to find out which film we’re screening this week.

SHAKESPEARE? That’s right—but fair warning, this is more Mystery Science Theatre 3000 than Masterpiece Theater. Here’s a taste of our inspiration.

Our panel provides ongoing commentary throughout the film, and they love talking to you too. Feel free to join in on the conversation using the Zoom chat function. We emphasize the “PARTY” in “watch party.”

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