Cal Shakes Artistic Engagement invites more

people to engage with theater in different ways.

We forge community by dismantling

barriers to participation.


Engage Onstage

““I feel connected, understood. I am reminded that our communities struggle & thrive together.”

Theater is a rare public forum and we pursue a culture of participation. We value authentic discourse around the work we make.

Holding space for all points of view provides a deeper, richer, more nuanced and human experience of the world.

In Our Communities

“…the actress who played Prospero was humble and strong. Not a single cast member made us feel judged or less than, and her final monologue was sent through time, from Shakespeare by her…to us.”​

Our projects take performances to unexpected places, support deep partnerships between artists and community members, facilitate dialogue on pressing political and social issues, and support the artist in everyone.

Community Partners

Nyabingha McDowell performed monologues and songs from RYSE Youth Center’s original period piece Richmond Renaissance about Black ownership: not only of property, but of self and community.

We believe in centering those most impacted by the questions at the heart of our storytelling. We collaborate with partners by lifting up each other’s work, sharing each other’s stories, and building community and civic participation.

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Events, dialogue, conversation, and so much more!

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