Closing the Loop

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Closing the Loop

Cal Shakes sent out a survey on Friday, April 9th to the Cal Shakes community seeking feedback about what we should be doing to make sure people feel comfortable returning to the Bruns for live theater. We had a very quick and robust response and a great deal of alignment from the 562 survey respondents, which has been extremely helpful in guiding our thinking. While the state, county, and CDC guidelines continue to evolve, our goal is that everyone feels comfortable and safe while at the Bruns. 

Topline findings:

  • 98% of respondents expect to be vaccinated by June 1 and many already are fully vaccinated.
  • 93% are fine with or support wearing a mask even if it is no longer required by CDC guidelines.
  • 84% agree or feel neutral that Cal Shakes should continue to require distancing this summer.

Your feedback was critical as we developed our guidelines for engagement at the Bruns this summer. Cal Shakes will require mask wearing except when actively eating or drinking and will maintain a limited two-thirds capacity in the amphitheater to enable people to maintain space between groups/pods. 

Read our current guidelines here—we will update this page as guidelines continue to evolve. We recognize the importance of over-sharing when it comes to preparing for our safe return to the Bruns and commit to remaining in active dialogue with you through our many communication channels (email, website, social media). And, of course, you can always reach out to us directly at with any questions.

Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe by following these guidelines when you visit this summer! 

Detailed Responses:

  • About whether we are opening the economy too fast and fear a fourth wave:

    41% felt neutral; 17% disagreed (feel it is safe); 27% agreed (feel it is going too fast) 

Q: I believe we are opening too fast and there will be a fourth wave.

  • About whether Cal Shakes should continue to require social distancing this summer no matter what: 56% agree or strongly agree, another 28% feel neutral

Q: I hope Cal Shakes will continue to require social distancing this summer no matter what.

  • About whether they would NOT attend an event if they had to wear a mask: 85% strongly disagree or disagree; 11% neutral

Q: I will not attend an event or show until I can do so without having to wear a mask. summer no matter what.

  • About whether they are willing to wear a mask even if CA guidelines do not require it: 88% said they would with another 5% neutral

Q: I am willing to wear a mask even if California guidelines no longer require it by the time the show happens.

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