On this day in 1865—two and a half years following the Emancipation Proclamation—the enslaved people of Galveston, Texas were finally informed that the American Civil

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Cal Shakes/Bruns Amphitheater: Volunteer Board Member California Shakespeare Theater A place to belong. California Shakespeare Theater and the Bruns Memorial Amphitheater sits in the beautiful

Shakespeare’s Birthday 2023

There was a star danced, and under that was I born… Beatrice, Much Ado About Nothing By Dr. Philippa Kelly, Resident Dramaturg Welcome to William

Photo of the Upper Grove sun kissed by a loverly summer day. Overlaid with the official Cal Shakes Branding and the title "2023 Update" with whimsical circles on the borders.

2023 Update from Cal Shakes

Hello Friends! As we wrote, all of us at Cal Shakes are grateful to this wonderful community of supporters who have responded with generosity as

To Love

To Love By Resident Dramaturg Philippa Kelly   I recently re-read one of the last diary entries that my brother John wrote before his death

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