Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I)

At Cal Shakes, we believe that equality is a practice. Our actions—both onstage and off—can have a positive social impact by exposing oppression, addressing historic injustices, and showing how power can be transformed  and shared in different ways. We endeavor to dismantle systemic bias by actively including, reflecting, and creating opportunities for our diverse Bay Area communities. We recognize that this work is ongoing and often imperfect, but we are committed to facilitating respect for the many facets of the human experience.

We have an ongoing ED&I workgroup that meets bimonthly to discuss issues, create best practices, organize trainings, and refine our practices within Cal Shakes and the greater theater community.


Andrew Page, April Ballesteros, Derik Cowan, Issere Christopher, Kimberlee Hicks, Kyle Fischer, LeeAnn Dowd, Louis Fisher, Ray Stubblefield-Tave, SK Kerastas, Tenaya Raives, Tirzah Tyler

Information about current initiatives and a list of resources coming soon.


Apr 11, 2019: Microagressions—More Than Just Manners, hosted by Kim Tran & Lisa Evans

Apr 4, 2019: EDI Meeting: Continuum on Becoming an Anti-Biased, Multicultural Institution Survey to Staff

Oct, 11, 2018: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Workgroup New Term

Jun, 27, 2018: ED & I—Foundational Training @ the JFK University Berkeley Campus