Our Hallowed Ground – The Love Balm Project on Oscar Grant

Come see Artist-Investigator Arielle Brown’s work at Fruitvale Station this weekend. This is the fourth installment of her Love Balm Project, and includes testimony from Oscar Grant’s family.

Our Hallowed Ground is a series of site-specific performances based on the testimonies of Bay Area mothers who have lost children to violence. These performances, curated by The Love Balm Project, will take place in the spaces where the young men were murdered to commemorate their life, the memories that their mothers and Grandmothers still carry, the communities that witnessed their death and the sanctity of the ground on which they stood. Come join us on our hallowed ground to bear witness. Join us at Grant Station—Fruitvale Station—to hear and see a life-changing experience. We will honor Trayvon Martin, Alan Blueford, and many others with a vigil and speak out as to what you can do in this movement of change.

When: Saturday, August 24, 2013
Where: Grant Station, a.k.a. Fruitvale Station
Time: 4pm Love Balm Project, Music, Vigil, Speak-out
Contact: OGF Director Sis. Beatrice 510-599-6357



Stories in a Bottle from American Night – 5.29.13

Each night, we’re inviting audience members at American Night to share a story in a bottle.  We’ll gather the stories and share each night’s collection here.  

Here’s the question they’re answering: On the bottle, write a one-sentence story of a departure, a journey, or an arrival in which you or a family member left something behind, crossed a border, or started a new life.

Stories from Wednesday 5.29.13

I visited 19 countries in one year as part of a study abroad trip. It was the most terrifying, exhausting, wonderful experience of my life so far.  I graduated college right when I got home — it was a big year.

When I moved from Iowa to California I felt as though I had moved to a foreign country because almost everything was different except the language; now it’s Iowa that feels like a foreign country.

On a ven-a-ver trip to Tijuana, Mexico I helped build a new house for a migrant family; we all signed the last sheet of drywall before it went up to leave a part of ourselves behind.

I graduated college and left my girlfriend (soon-to-be-wife) in Eureka, CA to get a job in my chosen profession – teaching. One thing led to another, never got that teaching job but did marry my sweetheart and now I’m a VP in security.


My grandfather immigrated to the U.S. From Austria when he was 2 years old – and his name was changed from Adamosky to Adams.