Fare thee well, Cal Shakes!

By Marketing Intern Anna Kritikos

My last day as the Marketing Intern at California Shakespeare Theater is quite nearly here—I leave tomorrow. And I will be sad to go. This summer has been fun, and challenging—a fun challenge, you might say—learning about a whole new company and trying to figure out how I could serve it best as an intern. Nearly all of my time this summer was spent with Cal Shakes: I worked in the office during the weekdays and I was up at the Bruns Amphitheater about three evenings a week, working in the Theater Store. Given this chunky time commitment, it is kind of amazing to me that I never grew tired of Cal Shakes. Not even slightly weary, even though most of what I did this summer was live and breathe Cal Shakes. I was happy to invest so much of my time in this company. I think this is because a) I love theater, and it’s good fun to be around other people who love theater too, and b) because of the energy and passion and friendliness of all of the people who work here. When I told people that I worked in the office for the Marketing Department, they all assumed it was a stuffy, boring work environment. But it is actually a lovely, vibrant office, filled with funny people with buoyant personalities. And not only were they fun people to work with, they are all passionate and talented. So it was a pleasure learning from them and doing tasks for them when I could. And even though they are all so busy, all the time, they always took the time to answer whatever questions I had.

One thing I really appreciated about my supervisors, Marketing and PR Manager Marilyn Langbehn and Publications Manager Stefanie Kalem, is that they always welcomed me into their various meetings, and filled me in and answered whatever questions I may have had. It was really interesting to hear ideas being expressed and discussed, and then see them cultivated and carried out into tangible products, like with the various social media marketing campaigns and development campaigns.

Having the rehearsal hall a stone’s throw away from the office was also awesome. I was able to watch (and help a bit when I could) the photo shoots for the past three shows, and those were fascinating and a lot of fun. I loved observing the collaboration between the director, the actors, the photographer Kevin Berne, Artistic Director Jon Moscone, and Marilyn. The final product always looked magnificent.

Publicity photo for THE VERONA PROJECT, taken by Kevin Berne. (I was there when this was taken!)

Just being around this office, being a fly on the wall, and doing my intern duties—helping with press releases, research, the organizing of archival lofts and A/V closets, aiding the social marketing campaigns and the Cal Shakes blog and so on, has taught me a lot about marketing and office life in general. At the moment, I feel very satisfied with my stint as an intern, and how I have grown from this experience. Granted, I am no fortune teller, but I’m sure that in the future I will come to realize just how much I’ve learned, as I move onwards and look back on my experience here at ol’ Cal Shakes.

So, in conclusion, I am reporting an excellent experience as an intern/Theater Store employee for Cal Shakes. I have grown quite fond of this lovely company, and I will miss it dearly.