Monday Blues – Get Outta Town!

Oh, hello there! I’d like to introduce myself: My name is Katie McGee and I’m Cal Shakes’ newest marketing intern. I’m from a distant Midwestern land known as Iowa, I love long hikes through the Orinda hills, nights out to the theater, and YES if I could have any super power it would be time travel. Why time travel? Because I’m pretty sure I am going to want to rewind and do this blast of an internship all over again.

Do you ever feel like January is just one long chronic case of the Mondays? A month where three cups of coffee just isn’t enough, socks never match, and gas tanks seem perpetually famished?

January 2012, however, appears to be turning a corner. Since moving to the Bay in December and joining the Cal Shakes crew, things have been looking up. The coffee at Cal Shakes is always hot, no one gives a hoot if my socks match, and public transportation has my gas tank and bank account a little fuller. These subtle joys sprouting in my life do not even come close to the career growth satisfaction that I have experienced since starting at Cal Shakes.

“Kid, what are you doin’ with your life?” Since graduating from Saint Louis University in May, I have been getting this A LOT. My usual response is “Building a future.” Am I getting paid for my role in glorious PIP-dom*? Nope, but unlike many of my freshly graduated peers, I am working and networking in my preferred field and getting the opportunity to shape my goals and experiences.

So far I have done social media analysis (like us on good ol’ Facebook if you haven’t already!); mapped out a season preview video; researched and created a slideshow based on the fascinating life of Zora Neale Hurston (author of the stories that inspired Spunk!, our second-slot production this summer) for the staff to study; and designed fliers and email banners for the gang—and I’m not even halfway through my internship yet!

If the Mayans’ apocalyptic predictions for 2012 are correct, I can, at least, rest assured that this year will be full of activity, good people, new skills, and generally great stuff, right up to the very end.

Next McGee blog issue: Past PIP-ians, where are they now? Have they found success in the big, bold, theatrical world? Check back next week.


*At Cal Shakes, “PIP” stands for “Professional Immersion Program.”