Romeo and Juliet images are up!

If you pop on over to the Romeo and Juliet page of our website, you’ll see some of Raquel M. Barreto’s lovely costume sketches on display (if for some reason you don’t, just click on the “Multimedia” tab). Click on the thumbnails to see the costumes of Juliet, Friar Laurence, lady Capulet (below), and Lady Montague in greater detail.

Also on the R and J page, click on the “Photos” tab to see Kevin Berne’s fantastic publicity photos of Alex Morf and Sarah Nealis as Romeo and Juliet, respectively. There’s also this one, of the whole cast:


AN IDEAL HUSBAND costume sketches by Meg Neville

The corsetless, Klimt-inspired Viennese couture of the villainess Mrs. Cheveley. (Portrayed by Stacy Ross.)

The very epitome of Oscar Wilde’s dandy: Lord Goring (portrayed by Elijah Alexander).

“An ideal husband!” exclaims the young Mabel Chiltern (played by Sarah Nealis). “Oh, I don’t think I should like that. It sounds like something in the next world.” And so are our spunky, truth-speaking heroine’s costumes–flower-laden, like something from the next world (if the next world were a round-the-clock over-the-top garden party).

How proper can you be? Ask Sir Robert Chiltern! (Portrayed by Michael Butler.)

Oh, wait! I’m wrong! Ask Lord Caversham! (Played by L. Peter Callender.)