Personalize Our Onstage License Plate!

In our upcoming production of A Winter’s Tale, travelling storytellers spill out of a vehicle to invite you into the story. And since we marketing folks have got connections with the props department (who are so much friendlier than the DMV), director Patricia McGregor has asked us to ask you to decide what goes on the license plate!

The entry the company likes the best gets put on the plate—and earns its creator two tickets to see A Winter’s Tale, and a photo with the vehicle.

Post your entry—no more than seven characters long—by 5pm PST on Wednesday, September 18, one of the following four ways:

Patricia and the cast would like it to have a nod to Spunk, our 2012 production that got so many of them together for the first time.  Here are some ideas that have been thrown around already; maybe they’ll get you thinking.

diddly wah diddy
D wah D

A Winter’s Tale runs September 25–October 20, 2013.



Which Shakespeare Character Would You Invite to Thanksgiving?

Shakespeare ThanksgivingIt’s almost that time: Time to eat ourselves in oblivion among family, friends, and the occasional random stranger. But what if you could sit yourself beside one of Shakespeare’s creations come Thanksgiving? Would you choose Ophelia, who’d surely be too distraught to notice your stealing her yams? Or Henry V, who would give all his fame for a pot of ale—and would therefore never run dry at your table? Pick your partner and share it with us on social media by November 26 to win a handcrafted beverage from Peet’s Coffee & Tea on us!

Simply tell us your guest of choice—and some words as to why—on our Facebook wall or by tweeting to @calshakes with the hash tag #shakesgiving. We’ll pick our favorites and send Peet’s certificates their way.