A message from Sarita Ocón, Theater Artist

I was so honored when Cal Shakes asked me to share my story.

You may remember me from this past season as Dulcinea in Quixote Nuevo. And you may remember my heartfelt appeal at the end of the show, inviting you and other audience members to participate in the Pay It Forward Campaign. Night after night, I was so moved by your generosity and that of the whole
Cal Shakes Familia.

I was also truly blown away when Cal Shakes decided to dedicate several nights’ fundraising revenue to another organization supporting work against a humanitarian crisis. We were all deeply affected by the crisis unfolding along the Southern border as immigrant children were being separated from their parents. So when Cal Shakes audiences came together to raise more than $7,000 for RAICES (an organization working with these families), my corazón (heart) burst with joy and gratitude.

To witness my Cal Shakes community come together in such a tremendous way was a moment I will never forget. Cal Shakes does more than tell epic stories to audiences from all walks of life—Cal Shakes builds community and, by making art that matters more to more people, inspires audiences and theater makers to become active change agents in the world.

This is something that inspires me to want to give back to Cal Shakes. I hope it will also inspire you to support Cal Shakes with your donation today.

Love and light,

Sarita Ocón
Theater Artist


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