Announcing the 2019 Season!

A note from Artistic Director Eric Ting:

“Our Epic 2018 Season was one of our most exciting yet! I’ve never felt so inspired, so revitalized, as I was this past year watching our staff and guest artists rise to meet the ambitions of our shows. It’s the sort of effort that one grows into and steps out the other side wiser, stronger, fuller.

We are still finalizing many of the details, but those that are falling into place have been delightful and compelling. It promises to be a season of courage, of enchantment, of desire, of valor. We look forward to you joining us for our 2019 season under the stars—it wouldn’t be the same without you!”

The 2019 Season:

First up, Shakespeare’s delightfully charming comedy of desire, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Four lovers escape into the woods and find themselves entangled in the royal politics of a magical world. When it comes to love, what’s fantasy and what’s reality? Tricks abound and wires cross as we all seek escape from (or surrender to) the clutches of love.

Next, Cal Shakes presents for the very first time a play by Bertolt Brecht, The Good Person of Szechwan. In a city of “haves” and “have-nots,” can a good person stay good even as their fortunes rise? The Good Person of Szechwan is a fable for our times exploring the lengths to which one must go to keep clean in a dirty world.

The season continues with the World Premiere of House of Joy by Madhuri Shekar. House of Joy is being produced as part of Cal Shakes’ New Classics Initiative, which engages living writers in dialogue with our classical canon to see old stories through new eyes, challenging, expanding, and revitalizing our very notions of universal. Set in a place and time something like 17th century Delhi, House of Joy is a tale of adventure and intrigue drawn from Indian legends and history. An elite bodyguard must choose between protecting the empire and protecting her vulnerable charge, but who will she betray?

Finally, Cal Shakes presents Macbeth, Shakespeare’s cautionary tale of unbridled ambition. Determined to fulfill a prophecy of greatness, Macbeth’s hunger for power consumes all he holds dear. How far would you go to take what you’ve been told you deserve? And who will rise up to stop you?

Season packages for the four-play season are available now; single and group tickets go on sale to the public spring 2019. Prices start at $132 for a four-play subscription, with discounts available for seniors, youth, and full-time K-12 educators.


2 thoughts on “Announcing the 2019 Season!

  1. Dear Mr. Ting, one of the best parts of the Sunday afternoon performances is your fabulous dramaturg Phillipa. She makes every play come alive and adds depth and insight to our experiences. I only wish we could have more of her participation. My subscription is under the name of Bev Chilton. We are three people who appreciate the intricacy of theater. Phillipa adds zest to our on going entertainment.

    Helen Schien.

    • Dear Helen,
      I meant to write a month or so ago to this lovely comment, but have been competely absorbed in finishing a book up for press after the close of the season, and also in staging (with another of our fabulous Grove speakers, Awele Makeba) a Romeo and Juliet production performed in late October by the students of Skyline High School -many of them had never performed before! Well, Helen, I love the outreach I do, and can’t wait to do it all over again next season. Please come say hello at the grove or a talkback.

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