One thought on “Watch: 2018 Season overview with Philippa and Eric

  1. This comparative analysis revealing how each Title for 2018 threads together themes from The Early Modern Period is such a compelling approach to understanding why CalShakes sets up their season. An educational journey that could easily draw more audiences in to viewing all 3 plays as they follow each production towards an organic progression across the shifting human condition during this period. Suggest you offer more access to this wonderful exploration of CalShakes 2018 and include more of these interview-style dialogues as part of a package (I know there are sessions pre-show that involve a bit of this…but am thinking a bit wider…like take the Orinda Theatre for a few week nights leading into each performance to draw the crowds. Am a big fan, as CalShakes is a gift to our family being so close by such amazing talent!

    Thank you.


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