Cal Shakes’ Civic Dialogue Series: June 11 recap

Cal Shakes’ Civic Dialogue Series seeks to explore the intersections between theater and civic practice. Through facilitated dialogues with community organizations and presentations of work by community-based artists, we hope to explore how theater can be a tool for highlighting voices of marginalized communities and for igniting change. This year’s Dialogues will explore four different themes related to our 2016 Season.

Lisa Evans (Associate Director of Artistic Engagement), Regina Victoria Fields (Artistic Engagement Fellow), and Tierra Allen (Artistic Engagement Coordinator). Photo by Eric Ting.

On Monday, July 11, Cal Shakes and Impact Hub Oakland hosted The Construction of Gender: Actualizing Women’s Empowerment.

The event began with a panel moderated by restorative justice practitioner, youth organizer, and artist Tatiana Chaterji featuring preacher, writer, and organizer Elena Rose; actress, director, and playwright Margo Hall; and youth worker and theater artist Anna Maria Luera.

The panel discussion focused on the societal expectations of the role of women, the importance and impact of self determination in regards to artistic representation, and what an expansive definition of womanhood can look like.

The panel was then followed by performances by The Rysing Womyn project, Campo Santo: H.O.M.E., RYSE Performing Arts, and Elana Rose.

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