Read All About It: California Shakespeare Theater in the News

Above artistic director Eric Ting, Tanachie Rodriguez staples part of a set in the theater. The Cal Shakes season opens this weekend with performances of “Much Ado About Nothing.” Photo: Brian Feulner, Special To The Chronicle

Artistic Director Eric Ting and California Shakespeare Theater were on the front page (A1) of the San Francisco Chronicle on Sunday, May 29. Eric discussed Shakespeare’s role as a political writer, our initiatives to bring the voices of the community onto our stage, and some ideas for future work at the Bruns and beyond.

“People come to the Bruns for the picnic and the wine,” he said, “but they also come to be exposed to the human condition. Cal Shakes recognizes that there’s a lot of different voices and perspectives that make up the human experience.”

Read the whole piece here.


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