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June 4, 2015 | The Triangle Lab

 Here is a poem from one of the participants in our Artist-Investigator project with homeless vets at Berkeley Food and Housing. Read more on the project blog:

Here it is in the darkest night, 
Streets lit with manmade light
It’s three AM and I don’t sleep
In the distance I hear that Machine Sweep. 
The night is mine and mine alone
Except the sound of the mechanical moan
The rest of the world is sound asleep 
The machine and I their souls to keep. 
The world is ours and ours alone
The cold of night makes us moan. 
And here it is, I am coming down.
The streets are clean, no longer brown. 
And here comes the morning now I can sleep 
Until tonight I can hear that friendly sweep.

– Alex “Shorty” Thorsen

 Alex shared that when being homeless one has to keep oneself awake, in order to not fall asleep in illegal public spaces or otherwise put oneself in danger. Many in the homeless community must resort to using amphetamines, to stay awake all night, only able to truly rest in the light, warmth, and safety of daytime.


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