Volunteer Spotlight: Cormac Kelly

Cormac KellyCormac is a sophomore at Bishop O’Dowd High School and this is his second season volunteering at Cal Shakes. Volunteering primarily at the Bruns, Cormac has sold raffle tickets, distributed programs and blankets, and helped audience members participate with the Triangle Lab.

When asked what was the most exciting thing he’s recently done, Cormac replied: “Participating in the reenactment commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg with my father. This took place in Pennsylvania with 15,000 other re-enactors in the scorching heat and rain over the course of 5 days.”

Read on to learn more about Cormac and his special talents, summer vacation, and what his dream Shakespearean role is.

Where are you from? I was born and am being raised in Oakland. This is an adventure in itself. I have two younger sisters, one is 10 the other is 13.  They bicker when they play, which continues to confound me.  My father, a former journalist, runs our family packaging business.  My mother is in charge of design and marketing for our business and is a gifted photographer.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Time is spent reading historic fiction, history and practicing French.  I just completed The Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield about the Spartans at Thermopylae, which I loved.  Presently, I have the good fortune of writing this from the base of the French Alps.  Life is good.

Do you volunteer anywhere else? I also volunteer at Fort Point, a Civil War-era fort beneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

What’s one of your special talents? Speak any languages? Play any musical instruments or sportsI am gradually learning French, enjoy narrative storytelling, am blessed with a strong memory, and have a sense of humor.  I can write a good essay if it’s about something I like. I can do an excellent Virginia reel.  Also, I love European history and Shakespearean theater.  As for talents, they’re still evolving.

If you could be a character in any play you’ve seen at Cal Shakes, who would it be and in which production?  Charles Condomine in Noël Coward’s Blithe Spirit.

Cormac, thank you for being an important part of our Cal Shakes family! Volunteers are a vital part of our Cal Shakes community. With over 1,000 volunteers, our volunteer corps represents a wide and diverse demographic. Our volunteers hail from throughout the Bay Area, San Francisco to Pleasant Hill, to across the state, from Grass Valley to Los Angeles. They are mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, coworkers and friends. Volunteering with California Shakespeare Theater can be a great opportunity to experience and learn new things, spend time with family and friends, earn high school credit, fulfill community service requirements, see great theater for free, and, most importantly, pay it forward in the spirit of volunteerism. There are many ways to lend a hand at Cal Shakes, and signing up is easy.

Interested in volunteering? Click here to register; once your application has been approved, you will be able to sign up for ushering dates and will be notified of other opportunities.


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