Meet Our New House Manager Betsy Ruck

Cal Shakes Marketing & Communications Director Janet Magleby introduces you to the woman who will ensure the excellence of your visit up at the Bruns Amphitheater this season.


Photo of Betsy Ruck by Jamie Buschbaum.

When Betsy Ruck and her husband, Terry, moved back to the Bay Area at the end of last summer, she was looking for something to keep her busy until she found a permanent position in Bay Area theater. Cal Shakes Box Office Manager Robin Dolan introduced us to Betsy, and it wasn’t too long after that she joined Cal Shakes as one of the hard-working house associates up at the Bruns. Betsy worked through our season-ending production of Hamlet; during the off-season, we enticed her to return as our House Manager. Betsy has worked for several Tony Award-winning regional theaters, including Actors Theatre of Louisville and South Coast Repertory. Locally, she’s worked in ticketing for the San Francisco Ballet and San Francisco Opera, ticketing and house management for Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, and development for the California Symphony.  A little more about Betsy:

Tell us about where you grew up, and what kept you busy as a child? I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and spent a lot of time doing craft projects and teaching myself to sew.

How many siblings do you have? One younger brother, Tom.

Childhood pets and names? A couple of cats and a beagle with the obligatory name of Snoopy. But she did get on top of her doghouse.

Where did you attend college, and what was your major? University of Louisville with a major in Theatre Arts and Speech.  Go Cards!

Movie you could watch over and over again? My Favorite Year

Book on your nightstand right now?  How to Love Wine: A Memoir and Manifesto by Eric Asimov

Who is your hero and why? I’ve always admired women like Hallie Flanagan and Margo Jones, who paved the way for regional theater.

How did you meet your husband? We both worked at a movie theater.

What you love about outdoor theater?  How wonderful it is too look up and see the stars during the show.

Best advice you’ve received, and who did you receive it from? It wasn’t so much advice but learning by example: I’ve always admired the way both of my grandmothers lived their lives, not necessarily doing what society expected of them.  One of them owned and operated a candy store in the 1930s.

Favorite thing to enjoy at the Bruns Café? Hot Chocolate

Other House Associates at the Bruns Amphitheater this summer will be: Jordan Battle, Erika Budrovich, Samantha Cook, Carolyn Day, Jamie Harkin, Patricia Kelley, Skyler Larkin, Carol Marshall, Cashua Spellman, Scott Tignor, Junior Viernes, and Deborah Woods.

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