The Tempest Grove Talk

Listen to a podcast of a pre-performance The Tempest Grove Talk, presented by Resident Dramaturg Philippa Kelly. Podcast produced by Will McCandless. The Tempest runs through June 24, 2012.


2 thoughts on “The Tempest Grove Talk

  1. Phillipa,
    We saw “The Tempest” on Sunday and came away somewhat surprised that the character, Gonzalo, was not portrayed in this production. He would seem to have been a significant presence in Act II. Any comments?
    Thank you.
    Tom Delaney
    Danville, CA

  2. Hello Tom,
    Jon took Gonzalo out so as to streamline the action – in many ways, Gonzalo is a commentator on the state of immediate events and on the state of the monarchy. In his famous speech in which he describes the ideal commonwealth, Gonzalo acts as a touchstone for the whole theme of ideal government on which every single character makes his/her own comment in the course of the play. So with Gonzalo gone, that theme is not so prominent. But the removal of Gonzalo also allows for a more direct engagement between (and comparison between) Prospero and Alonso.

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