Happy Birthday, Mr. Shakespeare!

In honor of William Shakespeare’s 448th birthday (celebrated today, even though he was baptized on April 26), here are a list of Cal Shakes/Shakespeare/Jonathan Moscone factoids, courtesy of Board Member and unofficial Cal Shakes photographer Jay Yamada. (These numbers include the productions in our upcoming 2012 season.)

What play has been produced the most at Cal Shakes since 1974? A Midsummer Night’s Dream, eight

What plays come in second? As You Like It, Twelfth Night and The Tempest, seven productions each

What plays by Shakespeare have not been done at Cal Shakes? Henry VI parts 1, 2, 3 and Henry VIII

How many plays have been produced at Cal Shakes since 1974? 156

How many people have/will have directed plays at Cal Shakes since we began in 1974? 63

How many different plays have/will have been produced at Cal Shakes since 1974? 60

How many plays has Jonathan Moscone directed at Cal Shakes? 16

After Jon, who has/will have directed the most plays at Cal Shakes? A.C.T. Associate Artistic Director Mark Rucker, five

How many people have/will have directed plays during Jon’s tenure (2000-now)? 19

How many women have/will have directed plays during Jon’s tenure (2000-now)? Nine

Of all the directors who have directed more than one play at Cal Shakes during Jon’s tenure (2000-now), who have only directed Shakespeare plays? Joel Sass and Daniel Fish, three each

Cal Shakes’ full production history can be found here; more details about our 39-year history can be found here.

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