Contest: What Does THE TEMPEST Look Like to You?

Shipwreck. Magic. Monsters. Loss. Illusion. Betrayal. Restoration. Oh yes dearest William filled The Tempest to the brim with motifs, themes, and symbols for us to grasp and mull over. With all these images and symbols to wade through, it is fascinating to see what image most captures the tale’s essence for each audience member.

The image that comes to mind for me is a dark sea full of beautiful glowing jellyfish. The jellyfish have a lovely delicate exterior like Miranda’s seeming meekness, but, like her, have a secret layer of defensive will.

Show art by Ilsa Brink

Cal Shakes recently revealed the upcoming Tempest production’s alluring show art designed by the fabulous Ilsa Brink. The poster art is surreal and provocative.

But enough about what we think. We’d rather know what YOU think.

What comes to mind when you think of Shakespeare’s The Tempest? Share a copyright-free image (your own or one found through Flickr’s publicly-held image archive The Commons) by either uploading it to our Facebook wall; tagging it “cal shakes tempest” on Flickr; tweeting a link to your image with the hash tag #calshakestempest; or emailing it to Be sure and include your name and, if you like, why this image says “The Tempest” to you, and we may publish it in our Tempest show program! DEADLINE: 5/9

-Marketing Intern Katie McGee

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