Titus and Friends: Cordelia Miller blogs from tech

The author and the director at tech rehearsal

The author and director Joel Sass at tech rehearsal.

Stage Management Intern Cordelia Miller offers some insight into the long days and nights of Titus tech rehearsal.

Tonight, after our second preview, Rob Campbell, who plays Saturninus, said, “I actually don’t want tech to end.” I realized in that moment that I agreed with him. Yes, the hours are long and it can get a little chilly but, in truth, I’m doing so much running around backstage that I keep warm. We’re in previews now, which means we’re almost through tech—I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But as we draw nearer to opening, I realize how much I’m going to miss these long hours—and how lost I’ll feel the first few days without them.

Tech really helps bring us together in a way that always reminds me of why I do theater. The family that exists here in Titus (“Titus and Friends,” as the Andronici are sometimes called) is the part I could never give up. The hours become the glue and it’s a connection that every single person, cast or crew, will be able to reach back and touch, anytime in their futures. Sometimes I pause, in the brief moment of tranquility and silence, and realize that I’m working somewhere I’ve wanted to be for probably ten years. It still brings the warm feeling I had on the first day of rehearsal.

I’m so impressed with everyone here—not only the cast, but my fellow crew: Sam and Dallas, the deck manager and production assistant, who have been with us barely two weeks; and Caitlin, my fellow stage management intern, who joined us just barely over a week ago and has solidly planted her feet in the ground here. There is such a “Yes, and…” attitude here, really helping us glide through. I can feel myself learning lessons faster than I can process. I want to shower with flowers and chocolate everyone that’s lent a helping hand along the way. They’ve all taken me under their wings, and it’s pretty cozy from where I’m standing.

So come see the show, because it’s worth it.


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