Big Ideas Fest Blog #1: Video Inspiration

This week, Cal Shakes’ Artistic Learning Programs and Outreach Manager Emily Morrison attended Big Ideas Fest 2010 in Half Moon Bay. Big Ideas is a three-day-long conference that aims to immerse educators in collaboration and design with the focus on inspiring and modeling cutting-edge thinking in K-20 education.

For her first blog entry, Emily wanted to post this video The Roadtrip Nation Experience at Big Ideas Fest 2010, wherein students participating in the Roadtrip Nation Experience curriculum interviewed participants (including Emily!) at the conference. The high school students asked questions about how the participants got to where they are, what it took to overcome doubts and failures, what their high school experience was like, and more.

Video below. More blogging from Big Ideas to come soon!

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One Response to Big Ideas Fest Blog #1: Video Inspiration

  1. >Nice video.It's very informative. I like the catch on how you are able to interviewed successful people with strong sense of career. And it's also very inspirational. I like the tag line: As you get older you get a little bit more trust in yourself and your judgment and learn from your mistakes. Thanks for sharing this. Keep it up!

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