About Being a Full Person: Grace and Humanity

Hello Cal Shakes blog readers,

I want to share with you an event from the past few days. I very recently heard that one of my ex-students had entered hospice treatment for cancer, and arranged to see him at 9am yesterday. On a mad whim I emailed our own L. Peter Callender the night before, very late and said:

“A student of mine (A.) is in hospice treatment for cancer. He has been a huge fan of yours for years. I’m visiting him at 9 am in North Berkeley tomorrow. Is there the slightest chance you could make it?”

Peter immediately wrote back “yes,” and set about clearing his schedule. At 9 the next morning I met him, beautifully appointed and unflappable as ever. We went to A’s home together. The look on A’s face was something to remember: pure joy at seeing an actor he so admires, and pure happiness at experiencing an undiluted hour of Peter’s honesty and wry humor.

I keep thinking of the way our time together closed, with Peter saying: “Well my boy, I am opening a show in September and another in January. I absolutely insist that you be there. You must not fail me. I am setting aside tickets for you.”

A. promised to do his best.

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2 Responses to About Being a Full Person: Grace and Humanity

  1. deeman says:

    >Philippa, I've been around theaters and theater people for years and have even known a dramaturg or two, but I have never really understood what they do. Could you help me out and explain your role with the company?

  2. >Hi, Deeman! Philippa went ahead and answered your question over on the ASK PHILIPPA entry:http://calshakes.blogspot.com/2010/07/return-of-ask-philippa.html

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