Hello, fellow travelers.

Hello fellow travelers: Latest from the Pastures of Heaven.dot dot dash dash. incoming message… The artistic members of the latest P of H workshop met for a work week just before Christmas, and, as previously reported, we could not have had a more enjoyable gift than the opportunity to work together once more. We got to unwrap the first draft of four stories, as adapted by Octavio Solis. It took Director Jonathan’s stern reminder to us all to concentrate on giving the play an airing (versus arguing about our favorite bits of the book) and then we all got a chance to begin the acting work, exploring Octavio’s characters. Octavio gave us four stories, each different in its theatrical form. I found that exhilarating and unexpected: narrative, discursive, presentational, monologue or scene- or song-based, as one story slipped into the next, the form changed as well. And Jonathan gave us interesting visual shapes to fill, and explored tone, as well, looking for low-key (though highly dramatic) transitions which felt true to the book. We ended with a presentation of the material for an audience and for Octavio, who then serenaded us with the “Song of the Two Sisters.”

All in all, a great week for us. And now Happy New Year wishes to all reading this; may our 2009 be filled with great theater!
.end message.
from, Amy

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