You don’t want our interns to sleep on the floor, do you?

Stefanie from Marketing here and, I mean, they’re young and all, but this is a classics theater. And though we may be reimagining said classics, WE CANNOT HAVE OUR INTERNS SITTING ON THE FLOOR IN THE DARK.

Ahem. To put it more succinctly:

The summer is fast approaching and Cal Shakes is in the process of arranging an apartment for seven (count’em, 7!) out-of-town interns this year. Long story short, the apartment is unfurnished and we could use a little help by way of loans or donations of furniture pieces that you would love to be rid of or have stored for you for four months (May 1-August 31).


Wish list:
Twin mattresses and/or bed frames (I would love a bunk bed, day bed w/ or w/out trundle, captains bed-anything compact)
Love seat
Chair (s)
Kitchen equipment (i.e. pots, dishes, pans, etc)
Rectangular table
Bikes – for getting to the office, the apartment is by the Ashby BART
TV stand
DVD player or VCR

Please let us know if you’re able to loan/donate and we will coordinate a day to get it to our West Berkeley office or to the apartment if you can wait for us to pick it up until the 1st of May.
We thank you, the interns thank you, their parents thank you!


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