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Your old friend Stefanie here, from the Bullpen, aka the Marketing department. As I sort through the many hours of video from our Steinbeck Project road trip and second workshop–with the intention of bringing it in multiple bite-size viewing portions to YOU, our beloved theatergoing public–I wanted to take a break and show you some pictures from the workshop.


I guess I should just let the photos (by Jay Yamada) do the rest of the talking. Maybe THEY know how to punctuate better than I do today.

In the Cal Shakes parking lot, Word for Word’s Patricia Silver, Nancy Shelby, JoAnne Winter, and Cal Shakes’ Ron Campbell work on acting out a section of The Pastures of Heaven‘s “Junius Maltby” story.
Cal Shakes’ Domenique Lozano directs Silver, Shelby, and Campbell. 
Silver, Shelby, and Winter as The Pastures of Heaven‘s townspeople. 
Word for Word co-Artistic Director Winter and Fox Fellowship recipient Campbell as Robbie and Junius Maltby, respectively. 
Meanwhile, inside the rehearsal hall, Word for Word’s Susan Harloe, Jeri Lynn Cohen, and Amy Kossow work on their interpretation of the Junius Maltby story (with Cohen as little Robbie Malby).
Cal Shakes’ Catherine Castellanos and Word for Word’s Cohen, Kossow, and Harloe being directed by Word for Word’s Stephanie Hunt. 
As the Whitmanesque Junius Maltby, Word for Word co-Artistic Director Harloe takes the plunge.
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