Busy days aHEAD! Who knew?

It’s Tuesday afternoon, the first Tuesday after my first Cal Shakes season has ended. The rainy grey days have started, the executive types are planning their big vacations, and … I’m busy as all get-out. Part of it has to do with the fact that I went on a little vacation of my own late last week, spending a few days in central and north Florida with friends and family types. So now I’m playing catch-up.

Or should I say, I’m struggling to get ahead.
Ahem. This is what greeted me when I opened my drawer to put my purse away Monday morning, after my vacation. If you saw the first play of the season at our theater this year, that head may look familiar. It’s the head that Reg Rogers and his right-hand man tossed around like a ghastly football, and it’s made from the face of the actor who portrayed the playboy Lord Hastings — T. Edward Webster or, as we like to call him around here now, “T. Headdy Webster,” ever since that head made its triumphant return to the Bruns Amphitheater as set dressing for our “Monster Mash” big shindig. (Not Mr. Webster, though — he’d already been back in Man and Superman.)
Yesterday (Monday) I spent catching up on emails and tsk-tsking people for not getting their newsletter copy to me in time (much of it’s in now, but I’m finding this blog a little more fun to work on). This morning, Marketing folks met at the Platoon Captain’s house to eat brunch, do a little post-mortem on the season, and plan some for the months to come.
When I finally rolled in this afternoon at around 1:15, i found the bullpen in a fever. A tizzy, even. Three of the fair and true and pure Development folks — Paul, Beth, and Dana — were frantically putting papers in a fishbowl…
What? That doesn’t seem exciting? Do you realize that the Grand Prize was a pair of first-class, round-trip tickets to anywhere in Europe? Sheesh, even the fourth prize was a year’s supply of coffee.
Did I mention that employees are allowed to enter?
We repaired to the rehearsal hall for the big deal drawing … only the abovementioned Devo folks were allowed to get near the bowl, because, as also mentioned above, they were fair and true and pure, meaning that not a one of them had purchased raffle tickets for either themselves or for someone else. So Paul and Dana and Beth were allowed in the “inner circle” while the rest of us had to sit or stand a few feet away.
Well, Dana and Beth stayed near the bowl, anyway.

Paul provided the ambience.

The bad news is, not a single Cal Shakes employee won. The good news is … a whole passel of our patrons did — and the lady who won the grand prize also won one of our giant puppets last year!! Maybe you should go ahead and sign up for that email newsletter I’m supposed to be writing right now … then you can find out her name, and ask her to pick your lottery numbers.

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